Sunday, May 6, 2012

Onancock - Johnny Mo holds forth

Just watching the sunset off the back of the boat, how to improve the day?
Well, there is a laundromat in Onancock but it's a 20 min walk up a hill into town. Luckily, we have a cart so it's not too bad with a full load, still a long way to go. Strangely, the place was packed on a Sunday morning even though they had over 40 washers in the store. Not too exciting here but needed. For even more excitement, I washed the boat in the afternoon.

Johnny Mo, the Musical Chef
The town is well kept, reminds me again of typical Maine towns with manicured lawns and an abundance of flowering plants all around. Except for the laundromat, there wasn't much happening in town but the waterfront was buzzing. The dockmaster said this was the beginning of their season and the restaurant next door, Mallards, was rocking. Johnny Mo, the chef, was holding a party for his friends but we were invited too. Johnny was singing (he's known as The Musical Chef with two CDs out along with two cookbooks) with original songs and/or new lyrics to old songs. We used his previous cookbook, Rock the Kitchen so much that many of the pages were loose from the binding. Upon seeing that, Johnny offered his latest cookbook, Rock the Party, as compensation. As I said in previous posts, the recipes are easy to follow on a boat and result in great meals. We use his cookbook all the time.

Dockhouse to the right, Mallards in the background, convenient marina
Monday morning it's off to the Solomons Island and an anchorage. From this point on we're watching the weather and moving north when conditions permit - weather rules now.