Thursday, May 10, 2012

Annapolis - A Pusser's Lunch

The ducks liked to roost on our dinghy - with predictable results requiring cleaning!
When we were in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for one of our six charters, a visit to the nearest Pusser's was always on the to do list. Since there is a Pusser's at Annapolis, we had to go there. Normally we would have their famous Painkiller but it was a bit early in the day (2:30 pm) so we just had the rum punch with our lunch. The restaurant is right on Ego Alley so you get a good view of the boats coming and going even though it was a bit chilly today with a high of only in the 60's.

One of the many day sailing boats operating out of Annapolis
Today was not a travel day given the high winds topping out at 30 kts and 3 ft seas in the bay and this morning they extended the small craft advisory into Friday, a change from yesterday. So now it looks like we'll sit out yet another day and leave for Chesapeake City on Saturday instead of Friday as we had planned. There are many other boats in the same boat (so to speak), all waiting for weather.

Love those translucent sails
Meanwhile, I dived in again into the depths of the genset since it wouldn't start yesterday. There appeared to be a loose connection in the starter relay socket so I removed the sockets (all three) for testing. There's a trick in getting the female plugs removed from the socket and once I learned that from Panda technical support, I had them out in no time. So, after removing the plugs, clamping down on each of the two grippers to close them further for a tighter fit to the male prongs of the relay, I reinserted the sockets and relays. The genset started right up but then it's done that before when I've worked on it. The real test will be over the next few weeks to see if the genset stays fixed. Now all this may not sound too exciting but it's exciting to us when the genset doesn't start! You eventually learn to be your own mechanic, at least for the things you can fix - which expands as you gain experience (not from lessons but rather from the necessity of doing).

So, we're just waiting for weather along with a dozen other boats in the mooring field, looks like Saturday now.