Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cape May - At anchor

Cape May at night - that's Saturn in the sky
We had started out for an anchorage much closer at Cohansey River but we caught the outgoing tide and would have reached our destination before noon so we decided to soldier on to Cape May. Delaware Bay was quite tame, unusual to be sure, so we just had to take advantage of it. Leaving at 8:00 from Chesapeake City, we reached Cape May at 5:00 pm. We had arrived too early to take the canal since the bridges were only 55 ft high, the same as our mast. It's not comfortable watching your mast approach a bridge that looks for all the world much lower than what's on your boat! So, we took the outside route that runs close to shore, always an exciting trip with the waves and wind pushing you to the sandy beach - with the people waving! However, the charts are correct and can be followed with confidence.

On the Delaware Bay - Zero carbon emissions energy
After refueling, we made our way to the anchorage and found that we had it all to ourselves. We were very surprised that we were the only boat there. I ran Hoolie ashore and we settled down for the night. Even here we had TV over the air, 33 channels. It's a rare anchorage or marina where we didn't get at least 20 to 30 channels but it does happen occasionally, twice in the last month.

We appear to have a weather window to reach Atlantic City if we leave early in the morning. If we miss that window (or it is revised), then we'll have a four or five day wait for the next window, at least according to the last forecast we saw tonight. As always, the weather rules.