Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Atlantic City - Rain, rain and more rain!

No exit today from Atlantic City!
We awoke to howling winds, the front had arrived. Shortly thereafter the rains came and stayed for hours. There was no going outside so we did inside things most of the day. I complained to the dockmaster about the bad weather but it did no good...  The inlet was really churned up (see photo!) and now the Atlantic is churned up too. It will take several days for the waves to subside to a level that's comfortable to us. If I believe the weather forecasts (Ha!), the window is still Saturday or possibly Friday for going north.

That's our little boat at the bottom left - Fleetwing
We decided to tour the Golden Nugget again to view the fruits of the renovations which are still in progress. On the 6th floor, they installed a heated swimming pool with two Jacuzzi tubs for outdoor relaxation even in cool weather although not many people were availing themselves of the opportunity today. From the 6th floor we had a good view of just how small our little boat was compared to the behemoths nearby, the largest being the yacht Boardwalk belonging to the owner of the Golden Nugget I talked about yesterday. According to on line reports, he's worth about $1.3 billion so filling up a 20,000 gallon diesel tank is no big deal.

Not quite summertime - but comfortable nevertheless
On the way we check on the status of our winning a pound of gold, a daily giveaway at the casino - so far no luck. We're hoping for more luck come this weekend when better weather is predicted. On Wednesday we'll head over to the boardwalk to further explore Atlantic City and view the surf on the beach, hopefully subsiding.