Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Annapolis - at a mooring

Notice the small float to the left, there were two following the boat - remote sonar for fish?? Anybody know?
The forecast was mixed. At first they predicted 2 to 3 ft waves with winds 10 to 15 so we decided to set out but after we cleared the point outside Solomons Island, the forecast changed to 5 to 10 kts of wind with waves 1 to 2 ft, like a lake. We had 44 miles to go so we were grateful for the calm conditions even though it rained much of the way.

Weather station - know the actual wind speed via the internet
One thing you have to look out for are the fishing weirs that surround approaches to Solomons. They have the appearance of fences set in the water. Needless to say, you have to go around them. For some reason, Solomons seems to have a lot of them.

Ego Alley - At Annapolis
Given the calm conditions, we chose to continue on to Annapolis instead of ducking into the Rhode River anchorage, it was only 2 more miles would have been 10 miles to go from Rhode River to Annapolis (it's a long way into Rhode River). We were wary of the moorings at Annapolis since we've experienced a lot rolling the last time we were there when the wind was out of the east. The waves just roll into the mooring field and sets everyone rocking side to side. However, for the next two days, the winds are to be out of the northwest which should be okay for the moorings since there's no opening to the bay from that directions.

Always race day at Annapolis!
We chose mooring #1, right next to the entrance to Ego Alley so we could watch all the boats pass by. I think they race every day here, at least I've never been here when the racers haven't come in at night. It's a pretty sight to see the sailboats with their fancy sails go by.

On Thursday the winds are to be 15 to 25 with higher gusts and 3ft waves or higher so we'll stay put and leave on Friday for Chesapeake City if the weather permits.