Thursday, June 25, 2009

Port Jefferson

I was thinking about the picture of the tanker I took yesterday at Hell Gate. It would have been much more dramatic if I had snapped a photo as the tanker rounded the bend headed straight towards me. I had to point right at his bow before turning away in order to clear a point of land at the gate. I was wondering at the time what the tug thought. However, I find myself rather more occupied at such times just trying to avoid a disaster without worrying about getting a photo despite how much fun it would be at the January Ham Dinner.

Today was a total motoring day. The only sailing we've done was from PYC to Newburgh with our rare north wind. We motor along at 7.4 kts but it would be more fun sailing. One good note, the PJ ferries are now on AIS so you know where they're at, they weren't last year. We anchored in our usual spot with three other boats. The area is littered with moorings but there's still plenty of room to anchor. It's rather sad that so much water real estate is taken up by empty moorings. There must have been over 100 moorings and only 5 boats using them.

One of the attractions of our Maine trips for Ann is taking pictures for her paintings. She will take a photo of parts of scenery that may later appear in a painting. When she sees interesting clouds, for example (see photo), she will snap a picture for reference this coming winter when she paints.

One reason we like PJ is that it provides a good shore for Hoolie to play on and a deserted, sandy beach for explore - plus there's always plenty of room to anchor. On to Branford tomorrow.