Monday, June 29, 2009

Block Island - Matthew Takes a Dive

Ahoy it's me Matt. Yesterday I got on the boat in Branford with the whole family and my cousin Osh. We left Branford at 11:00 to go to Stonington. On the way I watched Eragon. Then I drew a battle and a camp for the army. Then I took a nap for a good 20 minutes. After that I made lunch and went back to drawing. When we arrived we had hamburgers for dinner with a side of macaroni. then we watched Mall Cop. Today we left Stonington to go to Block. I did some work on this yellow bag (Ed. note, school homework!) I got from the school. We left and for most of the morning drew more pictures and for the rest of the ride stayed in the cockpit. We were able to sail today. When we got here I swam for a hour and a half in water 58 degrees. then I read in my book. I started the dink for the fifth time in the past day. We went to shore and ate at a restraint called the Oar. We had calamari. It was great and its squid.after that we got provisions and went back to the boat. see you next time argh.

It's good to welcome back Matthew to his blog. You can see from the photo that getting into the 58F water was a shock to the system. Nevertheless, he stayed in for over an hour, I do not understand how he did that along with the wind blowing about 15 kts too! As Matthew mentioned, we sailed for the first time, about an hour before the winds died on the way to Block.

Here we are on a Monday before the 4th of July weekend and Block, while not empty, is certainly not the crowded Block Island of old. I snapped a photo of a nearly empty dinghy dock, this was at 6:00 pm! I can remember climbing over two or three rows of dinks to reach the dock. Now there are actually empty spaces. We had no trouble finding a place to anchor, lots of room. I will say though that I didn't see an empty mooring although I didn't look too hard. Tomorrow it's off to Cuttyhunk.


Anonymous said...

i love you and i miss you. sarah

i l 0v e matthew,i miiss you so muuch and i wish h e can come home today natalie

I miss you to Matt, but I'm glad your having a good time. Great Blog so far, keep up the good work.
Love, Mom

mcnaughton24 said...

58 degrees? That's some cold water Matt!!!!!!! Love, Aunt Caroline