Saturday, June 27, 2009

Still at Branford - Fireworks Tonight!

Never have I seen so many people at Branford, the place was packed and the parking lot was full, no lanes for anyone to get out. Tonight was the annual Branford fireworks display. They had signs posted saying the river was closed for 1 hour after the fireworks because each of the 1600 launching tubes had to be inspected before boats would be allowed to pass by. The fireworks lasted about 1/2 hour, a very nice display.

I spent the morning washing the boat (the south dock would have been proud...), replacing PYC water with city water, redoing the swim platform teak and general tidying up. Matthew is due to arrive Sunday morning and will be with us for the month of July. We have to reach Sandwich, MA by Thursday for the 4th of July weekend with Philip's family so we're not sure where we'll be tomorrow yet. It will depend upon the weather and what time Matthew arrives. At any rate, we'll be findable on Spot.