Sunday, June 28, 2009

Matthew Joins Fleetwing!

Matthew rejoined Fleetwing today! We stayed over an extra day at Branford for boat work and to make the trip shorter for Matthew. He came with plenty of supplies and snacks favored by a 12 year old which we shared with him at noon! They were sad to see him go, especially the girls who were teary eyed.
Unfortunately, today was another motoring day. It was otherwise beautiful with lots of sunshine and no storms, just not enough wind for sailing. On top of that, the current was against us all day, oh well.

We had to relearn cooking for four, it's great having Matthew back aboard again. He watched a movie while we motored along and after a dinner of hamburgers and macaroni, Nana and Matthew are now watching another movie, "Mall Cop". Matthew also ran the dinghy by himself when we took Hoolie for his shore leave, this time driving from the "Captain's" side.

Tomorrow it's on to Block Island and some swimming for Matthew in 54F water, the current temperature of Long Island Sound.