Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Stingray Point Boat Works - On the hard, last post until October 1st

Fleetwing is airborn!
It's the end of the season for us. Fleetwing is out of the water and on land for some refitting. She needs her iron keel sandblasted and painted with barrier coat and bottom paint refreshed elsewhere. The poor genset will get some care to make it active once again. All it needs is a gasket but I also want to check on the output voltage. It used to always put out 120v for some unknown reason, it suddenly decided to only put out 113v one day and it's been constant ever since. Something is not right there.

Fleetwing blocked higher than ever in the past to allow room to sandblast the bottom of the keel, It looks a little strange to see it so high but that's what's needed. I turned the dehumidifier on just like last summer. It was the first time ever we had seen no mildew inside upon returning in the fall. The dehumidifier worked just right. For that, you need electricity and we were able to get a spot that supplied 120v. The dehumidifier only draws 4 amps, not a big deal and I connected the drain to the seacock for the A/C unit which is nonfunctional out of the water anyway.

The view out the cottage - nice
The yard is packed with boats! It's the most I've ever seen and I guess it's mainly due to the coronavirus and the resulting impacts to marinas, restaurants, and sightseeing in general. We are somewhat concerned about the fall but we are hoping the virus will fade but nothing is certain. We'll see.

This is the last blog of the spring season going north. I hope to restart the blog October 1st when we return to head south once again. Be sure to rejoin us then!


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Been great following your trip down, the stay in Key West, and the return trip north. Learned a ton and updated several of my routes based on your tracks. Have a safe drive back north and we'll all be ready for Fleetwing's return in the south.

Bob Norton, Jr. said...

Safe travels north, have a wonderful summer, will be counting the days until October 1st.

Bob Norton, Jr. said...

Okay, no pressure, but wondering how you guys are making out. Remember the Geico commercial with the camel saying "Mike, Mike, Mike - what day is it?" That's how I feel about today, been waiting for months to see how you, Ann and Hoolie are doing. Hope all is well, and would love to hear your plans for the cruising season. All our best from Booster and me....Bob