Monday, June 8, 2020

Dozier's Regatta Point Yachting Center in Deltaville - at a dock

Leaving Hampton, we were greeted by a submarine - standoff 500 yards!
We have some work to do before taking Fleetwing out of the water so we docked next door at Dozier's. I need to change the oil, oil filters, fuel filters, and more on the Volvo to get it ready for summer storage, then we have to pack. We will be loading the car for the trip north and staying at the Waterway Guide cottage nearby Wednesday night to leave at first light on Thursday morning.

The first cruise ship we've seen on the water (not tied up)
The trip north was very calm with winds less than 10 kts. We saw a submarine leave for the ocean, accompanied by a tug warning everyone to standoff at least 500 yards. We thought about that for a millisecond and decided that we would abide that request, we were much farther away anyway.

Dozier's has some covered docks for us but many were empty
The marina here is very nice with ipe floating docks, a clubhouse, pool, loaner car, loaner bicycles, and more. We may very well launch Fleetwing in the fall and move over to this marina to provision for the trip south. We would have our car with us for the provisioning, a plus.
I've included a photo of Fleetwing just to show the docks at the marina


D's Patio said...

Safe travels home to the two of you. Thank you for all of your help. Take care of each other.