Friday, June 5, 2020

Coinjock - at a facedock, really packed in

Coinjock knows how to pack them in!
The morning was to be relatively mild in wind but it was due to kick up in the afternoon so we got an early start. Sure enough, even though the winds were 8 to 12 going across the Albemarle, it started to increase to 15 to 20 as we entered the ICW off the Albemarle. If anyone was going south today in the afternoon, they were in for a wild ride.

Every other table was not to be used, they were still full
Coinjock texted us along the way to double-check that we intended to dock there. It turns out that they were full and had to turn boats away. We were fine since we made our reservation several days ago. We tied up with the usual Coinjock efficiency in saving space (no gaps between boats on the facedock).

Our treat for the night, a Coinjock prime rib dinner
We treated ourselves to a Coinjock prime rib for dinner, the 16 oz size apiece for each of us. It's really too much but we make it last by having roast beef sandwiches the next day. I always order it rare since it usually turns out medium-rare after it gets from the grill to the table. The restaurant itself had every other table roped off, their form of social distancing but the bar was elbow to elbow, oh well.

A nice bottle of wine from
George and Rachel Lipscomb
In a crowded marina like Coinjock, we tend to get lots of visitors that drop by to say thanks for all the ICW information, some even bring a bottle of wine. The biggest regret is that we can't socialize due to the social distancing we are still practicing. We haven't been in a supermarket since January, just mostly on Fleetwing except to walk Hoolie.

We plan on stopping at the free dock just north of Great Bridge for the night and move on to Hampton the next day.