Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dowry Creek Marina - We have Jacques Pepin's crab cakes

Tonight's entertainment
One of the unusual items in the quick market they have on-site is lump crabmeat from a local market. We were offered a 1 lb package to try out and Ann had a recipe we've used in the past from Jacques Pepin's Fast Food My Way book which we loved.

It's the best recipe we've ever found and the crabmeat itself was fresh as could be from a local source.  We only used half of the 1 lb container, it was all meat, no fillers. I had the enjoyment of two crabmeat patties and it was wonderful. I understand the crabcakes will be featured at the restaurant they are building on-site and hopefully to be completed by the fall although that may now be in doubt due to the virus delays.

The docks here are fixed and look very sturdy - very new
We did our wash using the free laundry. They had three washers and three dryers and they looked pretty new. The laundry room was air-conditioned too, always a plus in southern climates. We are headed to Alligator River Marina on Thursday and then Coinjock. We now have formal reservations for a haul out on June 10th, a Wednesday- if the weather cooperates. We plan on driving home the same day.


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Bob Norton, Jr. said...

June 10th? Only a week more of blog entries to look forward to each morning? Wow, how time flies. Best of luck getting through your final leg of traveling this season, and will have to mark on the calendar your expected return date for my morning "fix." My Booster says to say hi to Hoolie.

Unknown said...

Bob & Ann & Hoolie,
It was a pleasure to meet you both. We have been moving up north pretty much in tandem with you and of course following your tracks. Glad we had a chance to chat and be your slip neighbors at Dowry Creek. Safe travels.
Paul & MK ~ Blue Star

Unknown said...
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