Saturday, June 6, 2020

Free Dock by Great Bridge - at a facedock

Woods to explore - right off the ICW!
We didn't feel like pressing for Hampton so we stopped at the free dock just south of Great Bridge. It was far enough for us today and there was only one other boat at the dock. Later on, two more came in but there was still room for several more. The docks are very sturdy and they are by a wooded area with hiking trails. There is a 24 hour limit on docking and there's no electric or water but otherwise, it's fine.

A nice bottle of wine in appreciation
As has been the custom, several people stopped by to say hello and to meet Bob423. One bought a bottle of wine, the third such person on our trip north. It's all very much appreciated, we do like wine. We have no taste for hard liquor but a fine bottle of wine is always nice.

The docks are sturdy - 24-hour limit
There is a park here with many hiking trails and I took Hoolie along on several this afternoon. We plan on reaching Hampton Sunday night to stage for a trip up the Chesapeake on Monday morning. We are reaching the end of our journey north but I still have a lot of work to do to get Fleetwing ready for a summer layover, Tuesday will be a major workday before haulout on Wednesday morning.