Saturday, April 23, 2016

Steamboat Creek - at anchor

All by ourselves, nice
We were well positioned for all the shallows with a high tide around 10:30 am. So we left around 7:30 am and got into Steamboat Creek at 12:30. We would have gone farther except there were no docks available at anyplace we wanted to stay. With that we decided to just anchor out at Steamboat and then go on to the Isle of Palms on Sunday at a marina. That would put us in a good position for Georgetown on Monday and Barefoot Landing on Tuesday so that's our plan for now.

Typical South Caroline lane, picturesque
The weather remains excellent for travelling north. I think we put enough bad weather days in the bank at St Augustine, five days in all. It's about time things evened out. The anchorage here is one of our favorites. It has a dock for Hoolie relief and the holding is beyond excellent, really thick mud. With a light wind, there's no insects and we're sitting on the back of the boat watching the sunset. It's anchorages like this that make cruising the ICW so enjoyable.

The end of a perfect day on the ICW
One more thing, in my blog yesterday I forgot to mention the replacement of the forward hatch. Just add that to the list of typical boat duties cruising down the ICW.