Saturday, April 16, 2016

St Augustine - I splice in extension for the RAM 3 mike

They came walking down the historic section of town
Since I couldn't get a ready made extension for the RAM 3 mic to radio cord, I decided to splice in a piece of cord from the old mic. I thought it would take perhaps as much as an hour. Well it's a good thing I don't charge by the hour, it took most of the day. The eight wires in the cord are very tiny and hard to manipulate, 32 wires in all. I soldered the connections to be sure of conductivity and used shrink wrap for insulation. All this because Standard Horizon wanted to save $0.50 or so on wire. At least the RAM mic now works at the binnacle.

A proud looking horse, the carriage was hardly in period with its LED lights
When I took Hoolie out for his nightly stroll we came across about two dozen people dressed up in period costumes, early 1800's. St Augustine is the oldest continuous settlement in the US and they have a very active historical society. The thing that impressed me was how complicated the clothes were. It must take a long time to get dressed in the morning.

The winds have not abated. Sitting at the dock at 8:30 it's still blowing 15 to 20 kts. We really, really want to leave Sunday so if we see any window at all we're out of here. We're aiming for Fernandina but we'll stop sooner if the winds continue to be strong. They are reporting 11 ft waves out in the ocean. I don't think anyone is gong north outside.