Friday, April 1, 2016

Marathon - New motor fully operational, Old motor is sold

Brock Leggo, owner of Shelter Bay Marina
I bought my new Mercury 6 hp outboard at Shelter Bay Marina. It is a family owned business and the customer service is second to none. Good customer service includes technical competency, a trait lacking in others I've dealt with in the area. The price was very fair, better than a comparable Yamaha on sale so I was very pleased. It is such a relief to have a dependable motor. If you take advantage of their services in Marathon, be sure to talk to Brock Leggo, the president and owner of the business, he'll take care of you.

Yesterday I was returning from my less than stellar dealing with Marathon Boat Yard Marine Center where I had returned with my old outboard since it died after 45 minutes of operation after their $300 bill for cleaning! The first question I got from the service manager was about things I could have done wrong (Not our fault!). I related I had a brand new gas tank, new hose from the tank to the engine and new gas as of that morning. Having no other wedge, he immediately seized upon the gas, "It could have had water in it" even though it was from a major gas station.  Reluctantly, he said to bring it in and they would look at it to which I replied, fine, but no more charges.Well, when in the tank, the motor started up after three mighty pulls. With that I laid it in the dinghy (I had the new motor powering it by now) and headed back to the boat. Lo and behold, I saw two men in a dinghy frantically trying to start their outboard as they slowly drifted towards shore. I could hardly pass them by, especially since I had received three tows myself from helpful sailors. Along the way I told them about my motor story and offered to sell it to them. Several hours later I got a call, they wanted the motor. 

I never tire of sunset pictures - especially since they were so rare on the trip down.
I dinked over with the old motor laying in the boat but they had no cash but they could get cash at the rate of $200/day. So I offered the dinghy on the spot with a 24 hour guarantee (if you have a problem, bring it back and I'll refund your money). He offered a 14K gold chain as collateral which was fine with me. Everyone was happy. When he made the last payment this afternoon, I could not find the gold chain! Purely from the weight of the gold at 14 K it was worth $380 and if you accounted for the artistic labor it would have cost much more to replace it/. We searched frantically but couldn't find it at first, you know how things get lost on a boat! At the last hour, after taking everything out of the cockpit, Ann found the chain at the bottom of the cockpit table locker, covered up by all sorts of odds and ends. So the story ended on a good note. He trusted me with his bracelet, I trusted him with a motor and we both came out winners.