Monday, April 18, 2016

Cumberland Island - Going north!!

Cumberland Island is famous for its free running horses
Monday we left the dock at 6:45 to get an early start on a long day. The forecast was for 11 kt winds so naturally the wind was piping up to 20 kts! All of their forecasts have underestimated the wind every day. The challenge this morning was to back out of slip with a row of boats just behind us and a face dock on our port side which was going to limit our ability to turn sharply to starboard. Oh by the way, the wind was out of the east, pushing us into that face dock. Throw in a little current too and we had a great time leaving. Somehow we made it out without a collision.

There's a National Park station here too, lots of trails and also camping with a beach
As we turned the corner we saw two boats ahead of us. As we passed them they recognized Fleetwing as belonging to Bob423, my handle on Active Captain where I post findings on the shallows on the ICW. They then dropped behind us and followed along the rest of the way to Fernandina. Later on a power boat also joined our floatilla. So now I had to be careful to do everything right or suffer embarrassment!

Finally, we are starting to see decent sunsets
I had been in contact with Taylor Engineering who did a depth survey of the shallow south of Fernandina at the request of the Coast Guard in preparation for rebuoying the area. I used the waypoints today and found the route resulted in 9.5 ft MLW. So now we have two routes which are passable at low tide: the first route I posted on Active Captain and this one I'll pass back to Taylor Engineering.

We pulled into Cumberland Island anchorage a little after 3:00 pm and found it a little rough but it has settled down nicely now. They have a easily accessible dinghy dock which is a huge attraction for us and Hoolie. It's quiet and we will not push tomorrow and settle for the Jekyll Island anchorage which we are fond of. It will put us in position for Mud River with 3 ft of tide and then on to the Wahoo anchorage.


Seadyce said...

Did a search on Active Captain using your handle Bob423 under captain - couldn't find you?

Bob423 said...

Fordyce, I just updated my profile to include my handle, Bob423. Thanks for the note, I hadn't thought of doing that before.

Anonymous said...

We came thru Little Mud River, Monday, 4/18/16 at 4:00pm at mid-tide. The depth was 8 feet at marker 195 and 10 feet plus the remainder of the creek. Will be in Thunderbolt Wed and Thurs, Beaufort the weekend. You may catch us. We stayed in Brunswick during the nor'easter.

Terri and Larry
sv Vixen
Jax, FL

Unknown said...

Enjoying your trip north. Meanwhile, we are getting ready. I posted to my blog this morning.
Travels aboard Obsession.