Friday, September 24, 2010

Rock Hall, MD - Fall Festival

We had intended to anchor out at Sassafras River but the weather was calm and we had a 1.5 kt tide behind us so we decided to so further to Rock Hall. The weather forecast was for a small craft advisory with 15 to 20 kt winds against the current flow. Instead we only had 5 to 10 kt winds and calm seas. Once again motoring was the order of the day and we had heard about a free dock at Rock Hall so we headed there.
Well, the free dock turned out to be only a bulkhead with vertical pilings, not boat friendly so we decided to take a dock instead. The harbor is a series of narrow lanes even though the harbor appears to have lots of water, most of it is only 1 ft deep! So turning the boat around to get into the marina was practice for tight maneuvering. We made it okay and we’re snug for the night. On Saturday there’s a Fall Festival at Rock Hall so we’ll go into town and see what’s up. I also need some boat supplies and there’s a Westmarine in town so I’ll visit the store tomorrow. We’ll see what the weather will be before moving on.