Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club – Tsunami Hits Hudson River?

We awoke to an eerie sight in the river. It looked as if a giant tidal wave was coming up the river, frozen in time. Actually, it was a fog bank that looked for all the world like a huge tsunami roaring up the river. It was gone within the next ½ hour.

When we set out we had the ebb current with us all the way to the Battery. We waved at the Statue of Liberty and motored on to the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club. It’s a popular stopping off place for those headed south. They have launch service and we took advantage of it for Hoolie relief. There are at least 250 or more boats here, 150 on moorings. Still, there is room for anchoring but we just picked up a mooring, We wanted a quick exit Wednesday for our dash down the New Jersey shore to Atlantic City. The surf forecasts still look good for Wednesday. When we arrive there, we’ll take another look at Thursday for Cape May. We may decide to just sit out the waves at Atlantic City, we like to sail in good weather. We plan to be off our mooring at 5:30 am Wednesday morning, check the location of Fleetwing then to see if we made it!

Here we are at anchor, taken from the  Atlantic Highlands YC launch. You can see that we have a full enclosure for the cockpit, hopefully enough to keep us comfortable for the trip south.


sharman said...

Bob and Ann
I see that you are presently passing Brigantine Island; almost to Atlantic City.
The "fog bank" looked so much like a wave I would have had a "stroke".
Best of luck traveling and I will enjoy your blog!

Allen said...

Bob & Ann,
Fair Winds and resonable seas !
Enjoy your winter. Does this mean you are not here for Docks Out ?

We will keep an eye that all is well, and look jealously at the photos you will inevitably post to taunt us !


Bob423 said...

I hadn't planned on flying up for docks out, hope you understand...