Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At Cape May – Finally!

As is our custom, we accessed all the weather reports over the internet early in the morning and discovered that the winds and waves would be less than predicted yesterday so we decided to head out around 11:00 for Cape May. Naturally the wind was on the nose so we motored all the way.

We’re anchored out by the first green buoy after making the turn to port into the harbor. There’s a small sand beach that’s perfect for Hoolie relief and there’s boats going by to keep a dog’s interest. The temperatures are still in the 70’s so we sat out in the cockpit for our wine and dinner to watch the sun set.

We’re not sure what we’ll do Wednesday, it all depends on the weather. We have a long haul ahead of us up the Delaware Bay to reach Chesapeake City, some 68 miles, so we want good weather for the ride. So far it looks like we’ll sit out another day here due to high winds and adverse current up the bay. Well have to go outside since we can’t get under the 55 ft bridges early in the morning when it’s high tide. We will most likely do some exploring tomorrow and see what Cape May is like.