Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday at Atlantic City

Not too exciting here. The waves peaked today at 10 feet and are supposed to start subsiding tomorrow and be manageable by Wednesday. Meanwhile, we did boat chores including mounting a picture frame of all our grandkids in the forward cabin. You wouldn’t think something like that would take three hours but it did (frame reinforcement to survive boat duty, drilled into bulkhead, …) By 3:00, all boat chores for the day were done and we headed for Trump at 6:00 for another $5 round of slots but this time we lost it all! With that we had the cheap, upstairs dinner for $20 for both of us. After dinner I tried my hand at $1 Blackjack with $10 worth of chips and lost that too, hummm, seems to be a pattern here.

We saw a 30 ft sailboat head out this morning and thought we were really being wimps (which we probably are anyway) but then they returned to the marina a few hours later. It turned out that they weren’t headed out the inlet at all but instead were going to take the inside out to Cape May but discovered that there’s a 20 ft high bridge in the way that they didn’t know about! There are several boats here waiting for weather and most will probably leave Tuesday – but we want ideal conditions which are due Wednesday. Besides, we’re retired, we don’t have to rush.