Friday, September 17, 2010

Atlantic City with the Racers

We went for a walk in the\ morning and saw the powerboat racers all lined up in the parking lot so we went for a visit. They are part of a racing circuit that tours the country. The boats were something else, power personified! No wimps in this group. We talked to some of the contestants to see if they were really going to race in 10 ft swells, “Sure they said”. We’ll see on Sunday. There was even one group from Qatar! The biggest boats belonged to a group sponsored by Geico, the car insurance company.
We moved out of the marina today and anchored south of the bridge. We were concerned about the swells finding their way into the anchorage but so far all is calm. We have a beautiful view of Atlantic City at night. The weather outlook does not look good for the next few days with the scheduled arrival of the swells from Igor. If the actual weather follows the prediction, we won’t be leaving Atlantic City until Wednesday, quite a delay on our trip south – but weather is king. We’ll probably return to the marina on Sunday when we can use our $2/ft coupon for the remainder of our stay. Besides, the ocean race is on Sunday and we’d like to see how they cope with the 10 ft swells.

It is still warm down here with temperatures in the 70’s (it’s 70 right now at night), very comfortable. We have a nearby beach for Hoolie relief, what more is needed?