Sunday, August 1, 2010

Work Day at North Cove

We liked it so much we decided to stay another day. I did some exciting stuff like teak work and sanitizing two heads, such fun. I found out that when the dealer installed the macerators and associated plumbing, he did not use sanitation level hose (it has an odor barrier) but used instead the much cheaper bilge type hose. Needless to say, it is odoriferous. His entire installation left much to be desired and I’m planning a redo, ugh!

The above tasks occupies most of the day but it was very pleasant with temps in the low 80’s and low humidity. Ann baked a chicken in the Dutch oven which hit the spot. We admired the cormorant sitting on the spreader of the boat next to us. I imagine the owner will likewise “admire” what lies below his perch. He liked his perch, he came back to the exact same spot throughout the day. We’re headed to Mattituck on Monday if the weather is good. Nice sunset.