Thursday, August 5, 2010

Milford Another Day

We were going to sail to Port Jefferson today but got lazy and just stayed an extra day since we’re going to meet Philip and kids in Branford on Friday for the weekend. It reached 95 in the afternoon so we had the A/C running all day. I went for a walk and found an anchor on display at the marina that had been found nearby. It looked very similar to the anchor that’s Poughkeepsie Yacht Club has by the clubhouse. Ours was found in the anchorage area just north of the club. I wonder if it’s the same make?

In addition to an excellent Mexican restaurant in Milford, there’s also an excellent ice cream shop that must have about 50 varieties so we had to try that after dinner on the boat. Try it if you’re in the area, it’s right behind the Milford Landing marina.

You can see that we’re tucked in and the marina is very well protected, no wakes, no waves. We had storms all around us today but none came through Milford except for some early morning showers. Friday it’s off to Branford for some pool time with kids.