Monday, August 9, 2010

Port Jefferson – A Nice Sail

We motored about ½ way before putting up the sails when a breeze finally developed out of the southwest (the direction we were headed, but hey, a breeze is a breeze…) The sun was out, it was warm, no storms – enjoyable.

Branford is next to New Haven, a big port and there are many ships usually anchored outside awaiting clearance to come in, one is pictured. Note the position of the life raft at the aft end of the ship, a thrill ride to the ocean from a pretty good height! It helps that they are all on AIS so you can predict crossings when they’re moving, it’s not at all obvious by just looking, especially when they are turning.

Once into Port Jefferson, we turned west after transiting the entrance and found a good spot, but it didn’t last long. A sailboat with a lone person aboard made an attempt at anchoring and got too close to a powerboat off our port side. He pulled the anchor up after powering forward and running to the bow to haul on the anchor, not easy. On his second try he got too close to us, within a few feet. Once again he powered forward and hauled the anchor up manually. On his third try he got sort of in-between us and the powerboat, close but probably okay. Just for insurance purposes, we always take a photo of boats anchored too close. We probably have to get used to chose anchoring while going south down the ICW. We like to get far away from everybody else when possible to be in our comfort zone. We’ll probably have to develop a new one for the ICW.