Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Milford and Cabo’s

We sailed about ½ the way with a light wind but then it died in the middle of the Sound (again!) so it was back to the iron genny. The morning lies said the wind was supposed to be 10 to 15 kts out of the southwest – as usual NOAA was wrong. Not only did they get the speed wrong but also the direction, it wound up out of the northwest, not southwest.

We docked at Milford Town Landing, our favorite spot in Milford. They had plenty of dock space left. One boat came in later that took the width of two docks! It was made by a catamaran company and looked just like a cat but without the sails. It’s at the far left in the photo with two hulls. It’s enormous, a real floating condo. I wonder if he has to pay for two docks? With our dockage, we also get a 10% discount at Cabo’s which used to be Cancon Charlie’s’. It’s a Mexican restaurant that serves very fine Margaritas along with good Mexican food. After that we took a ride around the harbor and was amazed at the number of boats tucked in here. I would guess at least 500 boats. It’s a small harbor but they use the space very efficiently.

Some people have asked why I take so many sunset pictures. Well, Ann and I have never had a house with a view of the sunset. We’ve always been situated facing north or else in an area where we can’t see the horizon due to nearby trees or hills. So the only time we get to see sunsets other than at PYC is when we’re cruising so we enjoy every one.