Friday, August 6, 2010

Branford – Kids Arrive

Leaving Milford we found winds 5 to 8 kt winds that came from all directions. After being on a port tack for ½ hour, we wound up on a starboard tack for the rest of the way. At least we didn’t have to run the engine. Our fuel fill up came to 35 gallons, a lot for us, our first since Cuttyhunk.

After we docked at Bruce & Johnson’s, the wind picked up to 15 kts out of the northwest and the humidity dropped to 35%. It would have been a great ride if we had the wind when NOAA had forecasted it in the morning, oh well.

The kids arrived in the evening and we celebrated Philip’s 42nd birthday. We’re too young to have a son 42 years old! Celebration commenced with a cookie cake and we all ate too much. Saturday, it’s the pool!