Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Titusville - Last post until 1/4/2018 - Mark your calendars

Turkey Time!
Today marks the end of our fall migration south to Titusville. It's been a colder and windier trip than normal with Jose blocking our start for two weeks! We had a short period of calm winds between Beaufort, NC and Titusville before the winds once again piped up in the 20 to 30 kt range.

Still, we met many wonderful people along the way and I gave a talk at the Snowbird Rendezvous in Hamptoin, VA. It wasn't intentional, I was just delayed by the weather but then the opportunity arose so I filled in.  I had the opportunity to experience all the shallows along the way which shouldn't be missed in order to get the full appreciation for the ICW. Going outside may be faster and safer but, gee, you miss all the fun!

Note the small, square mirror at the bottom
We have our boat secured and our car rental is parked outside for our 7:00 am departure on Thursday morning. I've made the two must mods to a Florida car rental:  1) a side mirror attachment to cover the blind spot on the left side of the car 2) replaced the Florida windshield wiper fluid with stuff good for 0F. I found out the hard way that Florida rental agencies do have soapy water in the wash fluid but it's usually not good for below freezing. Going at 70 on an expressway with snow coming down is not a good time to discover that the windshield fluid you have freezes over when used (and covers the windshield with a glaze of ice you can't see through!)
Tom, who runs Titusville, will look after Fleetwing in my absence. He's done great things for the marina. You can depend upon Tom.

So, goodbye for now. There will be sporadic posts depending on cruising news or other things I find of interest but not the daily blog. However, do mark your calendar for the return of the daily blog on 1/4/2018 when we will continue our trip to Key West.


Bob said...

Safe travels on land, happy holidays - looking forward to your return. Great writing as always. An extra helping of Turkey for Hoolie from my boy Booster for being such a good traveling companion.

Bob423 said...

Bob, Hoolie will appreciate the extra food!