Monday, November 13, 2017

Titusville - Diver and Happy Hour with friends

Our diver, Don Brown
We have a list of divers we use all up and down the coast but our favorite one is Don Brown in Titusville. He has a couple of helpers but he always goes out with the divers himself. Just give him a call in advance to arrange a time at (386) 307-4880. We've used his services for the last eight years. I always get the bottom polished before continuing on to Key West and on the way back along with replacing the zinc.

Friends along the way
The high winds just have never let up this year. As I write this blog, the winds are still averaging 17 to 20 kts out of the northeast. We're positioned fairly well with protection from a breakwater from that direction. There are other docks not so well protected but the docks are very sturdy and you just have to get fenders in the right position and ensure they stay there.

This is what a 20 kt windy sky looks like
We were invited over for Happy Hour with Laura and Gail who also have a Beneteau 423. Their 423 is much neater than ours on the inside and a lot less hairy - since they don't have Hoolie to decorate around the downstairs. It was a very pleasant evening and one of the joys of cruising is meeting friends along the way.

We have one more day to get ready before I pick the car up on Wednesday. I even heard we had snow at home! It's going to be a change going north!


Rosie Phillips said...

Hi Bob and Ann,
Somehow, I discovered your blog and we have been following you two since about when you were in the Charleston area. We live in the Charleston area and wish we had discovered you before so we could have met you. We are new cruiser/trawler owners since Feb and the longest trip we have made is from St Petersburg, Fl to Charleston when we brought her home. We have made several short (3-5 day) trips in our area. There is so much to explore. So, on your way back up north, please give us a call. You can anchor in our creek which is just off of Wadmalaw Sound and the ICW. A short dinghy or creek boat ride away to get over a sandbar! We have lots to learn.
Bruce and Rosie Phillips
Oh, and I also am an artist. I paint when on Summer Breeze
843-813-4518 Rosie

Bob423 said...

Rosie, good to hear from you! We love the Charleston area and always try to spend several days there. Our favorite marina, Charleston Maritime Center, has been closed ever since Matthew. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I’ll have to look up that creek. You can always track us from the blog site, there’s a locator link for Fleetwing at the left. We ought to meet on out wat back north in the spring.

Rosie Phillips said...

Look forward to that! Our land home and sea home are in the Toogoodoo Creek.