Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Titusville - Boat clearing and Kidde recall

I guess the message is, "Be Flexible!"
It amazes me how tall and slender some palm trees are and they still survive hurricanes.  I suppose they get by with being flexible and not having a lot of leaves - and the leaves (fronds) they do have stream with the wind, offering not much resistance. The wind is still blowing like stink, 25 to 30 kts, continuously. There's no letup. One of these days it will get to wherever it's going and stop.

Here's the crane on a barge - picking up boats out of the water
We saw how Florida is addressing all the boat wrecks in the area. They have a crane on a barge that picks the boats up out of the water and then deposits them on a following barge for later disposal.They were working in front of Titusville today removing several abandoned boats. I'm sure it was challenging in these winds!

They are then transferred to a following barge for disposal.
Now everyone must have Kidde fire extinguishers. Well, there's been a total recall of all Kidde extinguishers with plastic handles. It seems that sometimes the plastic handle doesn't work and the user is left with nothing to put a fire out with. You can read the details on the Consumer Reports site.  Kidde will replace your affected fire extinguishers at no charge. Go to their site for a form to fill out for the free replacements. I filled my form out today and I qualified for three new extinguishers to replace the ones I have. I would supposed you would fail a Coast Guard inspection if you had the defective extinguishers on board. The new ones will arrive in 10 to 15 days according to Kidde.

If you have one of these, get it replaced
Meanwhile, the wind continues! I will pick up the car on Wednesday and then we get serious about packing. We may finally get out of the wind but then we run into colder temperatures, oh well.


jack cothren said...

we have called an also will be getting our 3 fire extinguishers we use at home and the RV ... of course i have 4 on the boat so i called Kidde and they informed me that the program will still be going when i finally get back to the boat in may and obtain the necessary cylinder info ... i recently did attempt to discharge and older one with a plastic handle and it did not work !