Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rhode River - at anchor

Flat Island usually used for pet relief (with pickup)
We're the beneficiaries of some very nice weather for going south. The temperatures are in the 70's and the winds are out of the north but no more than 10 kts. We will ride the weather down to Hampton, VA where we will spend a few days and provision. Boat projects are going well. I got the TV antenna to work and in the anchorage we have 68 channels to chose from. With the flat land of the area and the ICW, that's pretty typical.

A new sign was posted
We left this morning at 7:00 to have enough depth to exit the anchorage area. There's a neck of slightly deeper water you have to find (see yesterday's chart) on the way out. After that you just hug the east bulkhead within 10 ft for 8.l MLW. By the way, yesterday's chart of the Chesapeake City anchorage is corrected to MLW. When you chose to compile a chart, you're asked the nearest tide station and the programs automatically corrects all readings to MLW and outputs a chart. It's amazing what modern software and hardware can do. I used Navionics software to do the chart and it's been uploaded to their website for use by anyone with a Navionics app. It should appear under the "Sonar Chart" option. It may take a week to be refined by Navionics but then it should be available to anyone.

Another great sunset
We plan on moving on to Solomons Island on Thursday and anchor by the Holiday Inn. They have a $2/day dinghy dock that we like to use and a completely protected anchorage in 10 ft of water. There's a Food Lion about a mile east and a West Marine about 1/4 mile west. There's also a ton of fast food places and a BBQ place that's not bad. We've got to take advantage of the good weather for going south.


Doug Peterson said...

Hi Bob,
Victoria and I are currently at Spring Cove in Solomons with a rental car till we head back south for Lauderdale in a week or so.
Would love to say hi and say thanks!
We'll be just a few yards from your anchorage so please give us a call if you two would like some transport while here.
Doug & Victoria Peterson
nine five four 817-0715

Bob423 said...

Doug and Victoria, we should arrive late this afternoon and anchor in our usual spot. I'll give you a call.