Monday, September 12, 2016

Atlantic Highlands - at anchor

Hard not to be amazed at the sight of southern Manhattan
As we've experienced in the past, the anchorage at Haverstraw Cove was dead calm during the night, wakes and wind just can't get into the cove. Once again we saw 6.4 MLW on the way out. Just follow the waypoints under "GPX Routes" in and out and you'll be fine.

I always do this, a photo of Lady Liberty
As luck would have it we caught the end of the flood tide and it turned to an ebb shortly thereafter which we rode all the way from Peekskill to the Atlantic Highlands. We cruise at 7.3 kts but today we were averaging 8.5 to 9.3 kts with the tide. The timing was purely by chance since we had to be at Atlantic Highlands on Monday night to catch the window for Atlantic City on Tuesday. Everything just worked out (that'll never happen again).

I'm the black triangle, everybody else is out to get me
The Tuesday weather window is interesting. It's predicted to be calm in the morning but then kick up in the afternoon with some variations between forecasts by different sites. It looks like it will be a timing thing. If the front speeds up, we'll have a bumpy ride in the afternoon. If it behaves as predicted by grib, then we'll be fine. Normally it takes us 11.5 hours to reach Atlantic City so in view of the forecast we decided to leave at 5:00 am to take full advantage of the morning prediction and an ebb tide out of New York Harbor. We've been fooled before but you've got to go with the forecasts.

Goodbye NYC until 2017!
Once at Atlantic City we'll take a dock at the Golden Nugget which is $2.25/ft if you have a Marina Life membership but it's not honored Friday or Saturday. The first chance we get we'll head for Utsch's Marina in Cape May and wait for weather going up the Delaware Bay.