Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hampton - at Downtown Hampton Public Piers Marina

For us sailboaters, it always nice to see a sailboat under full sail
As predicted the winds did calm down today but not until the afternoon. After that it was smooth water all the way to Hampton. We have friends in Hampton, Gordon and Etta, how used to own a Beneteau 423 but sold for a trawler which he's currently working on for a cruise next year. We were invited over for dinner which was welcomed. Needless to say, the dinner was great.

It's so great to meet friends along the way south!
Gordon is in the middle of transforming a 44 ft trawler from a boat that used to have a helicopter pad (both previous owners were pilots) to one more suitable for a cruising couple. It is a massive overhaul, one I would not attempt. The boat has active stabilizers when moving and flopper stoppers when at anchor (to prevent rolling at anchor) along with two gensets and more accessories than you can name.

We're settled into the marina for the next three days at $0.75/ft which doesn't dent the pocketbook too much. We'll rent a car Monday for provisioning and key supplies. The Dismal Swamp route is still closed and even when the waters subside they will have to check out the dock motors so it may not be a quick fix. Our other option is to take the Virginia Cut which we may do, we'll decide Wednesday morning.