Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cape May - Lobster Roll!

Want to go around the cape?  Be ready for a little rough wind against tide waves
We haven't been to Maine for a number of years and Ann especially missed the lobster rolls along with the outstanding anchorages. We couldn't do much about the anchorages but we could try out the local answer to good lobster rolls. The local restaurant with the best reputation was Quincy's Original Lobster Rolls. We cruised in Maine for three years and Ann graduated from the University of Maine so we really enjoyed the Maine version of the lobster roll.

So we ordered our roll with extra lobster and it was not bad. Lots of lobster. However, it was not a Maine roll. In a Maine roll, you can see the lobsters being boiled from the window. The lobster is absolutely fresh and when served on a roll, you get the entire lobster although it's only 1 lb usually but it includes not only the claws but also the tail. It's served warm since it was just cooked but it's only lobster meat with very little dressing. The Cape May version is served cold, it was obviously cooked previously and refrigerated and there's no tail meat, it's all claw. Now that's not especially bad, it's just not a Maine lobster roll but we enjoyed it.

The summer houses are very well kept, typical of the one pictured above
We took a tour around the tip of Cape May to look at the intersection of the outgoing tide and the incoming wind. With wind against tide you get some strange waves with a lot of whitecaps. The wind was not very strong, around 10 kts but when it gets blowing, the waves get square and can provide some unexpected enjoyment for those going around the cape. We like our passages a little dull in that respect so we'll take the canal but not until Tuesday when the tides are right.