Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reflections on future thoughts

One of many on the ICW
Another year has passed on our trips up and down the ICW. They have been lots of fun and so much so that we plan on another trip starting September 15 this year! Part of the fun is sharing the trip with others. To that extent, we plan on inviting several members from PYC to accompany us on the trip south. They too can see the vistas of grasslands, the remote anchorages, the in-port sights of Charleston or Savannah. There's nothing like seeing anchorages where you're all alone, stars in the sky, breezes lapping at the boat and just contemplating how lucky you are to be able to enjoy such scenery. You will certainly see dolphins, they are everywhere as are manatees. The alligators are rarer but still in abundance. If you shine a light at night and see reflected "red eyes" you know they're near! Be careful on taking a dog ashore!

All these experiences are special and not to be missed if you ever have the opportunity. There are calm days and then there are not so calm days where you may ask, "What am I doing out here?" It's all part of sailing and the ICW experience. So we hope to have company on the trip south in the fall.

We start at Portumna and end up at Carrick-on-Shannon
Meanwhile, we're headed for Ireland on 6/12 for two weeks. I don't know if I'll be able to blog from Ireland or not but I plan on doing so. I'll be using the iPad2 (which has been repaired from the drop it took on Fleetwing!) along with a new iPhone5 (the old one went overboard in the Hudson River!) for data access so everything is in place for blogging, I think. If so, you'll see reports from our trip which lands in Dublin and then proceeds to a week long charter of a canal boat for the trip up the Shannon river. We start at Portumna and end up at Carrick-on-Shannon. On the way to and from our charter, we'll explore Ireland as best we can in the limited time we have. We'll probably hit a few pubs along the way. We will be with the Mehaffeys on the trip so we'll have a first rate, native guide.

So you're all invited to join us on the trip (if I can find a way to blog!) After that, our fall trip starts on or around 9/15, depending, as always, on the weather. Hope to see you then!