Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dromod - at a free bulkhead

                    Four stonewalls are available for tie ups, but the opening is narrow

Every town along the River Shannon has a free town dock. It usually tales the form of a harbor built of huge stone blocks. It's always free to tie up to the bulkhead forming the harbor. Water is usually available but if you want electricity, you'll have to pay a fee. Even towns without the room for a harbor off the river will still have a stone bulkhead by the river for use by boaters. The towns see it as a way of attracting boaters to their restaurants and other businesses in town. I wish the towns on Long Island would use the same logic. We went through two locks today and two bridges that had to be raised. It turned out that the dockmaster was from New Jersey. I think we've met as many people here from the US as natives. 

                These hanging flower pots are in every town we've been in, beautiful

Coming into Dromod, the harbor entrance is very narrow. It does a zig-zag at the opening to discourage waves reaching the inner harbor but you have to watch your P's and Q's, there are many of boats in tight quarters close by. This boat is about maneuverable as a bathtub but eventually it's possible to get it turned around and so we are secure for the night. 

                 Flowers by the side of the road are equally beautiful

Dromod is the most upscale town we've been inso far. It's a small town but still manages to have two private marinas and dozens of very expensive looking houses. The downtown area is immaculate and has a butterfly garden, nature walks, a forest walk and more. Even with all that, it's apparent that the downturn in the economy has hit the area, about a half dozen shops are shuttered with several for sale. 

               Found this dragonfly down by the water's edge

We have reservations tonight at a highly recommended restaurant. So far we've only had one meal that was not so good. The rest have been the equal of what we've had in the best restaurants in the states. On Thursday we plan on making Carrick-on-Shannon, the town where we will drop off the boat and pick up the rental car we left at Portuma. Time to explore parts of Ireland not next to the River Shannon.