Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On to Athlon for the night and now in Lanesborough - tied up to the free bulkhead

                    Many towns have a small, protected harbor for their fishermen

After the pub night, we moved on to Athlon, a large city by Ireland standards. We walked around and explored but didn't find a lot to do. Ann did see a doctor about a minor infection and we wondered about payment. They just give you the bill and then you settle up with your insurance when you return to the states. I think the charge was reasonable, 60 euros ($78) for an office visit with a doctor. The antibiotic was only 9.60 euros. So I'll go after my insurance company  in about a week. Just so Ann didn't feel alone, I caught an Irish cold, very miserable. So far, nobody else has come down with it on the boat. 

                    Notice the alternative fuel, blocks of peat moss

On Tuesday we had intended stopping at Lecarrow but to reach the town, you have to negotiate a canal. As we approached the entrance, it looked more and more narrow! There would have been no room to turn around if anotherboat approached   in the opposite direction so we chickened out and headed for Lanesborough. This boat we have is impossible in reverse.

               At last, a sunset in Ireland - that you can actually see!

I found a drugstore and picked up some cold medicine but feel miserable. However, today was sunny (!!), the first one of our stay. We're supposed to have one more sunny day before the weather reverts back to Ireland normal. Everywhere we go, they all say, "You should have been here last week, the weather was beautiful". Now, if only I had a time machine. 


Carol Ann Sherer said...

Sorry to hear you two have gotten a cold while over there. Hope for a speedy recovery so that you can enjoy the rest of your time!