Thursday, June 20, 2013

Charrick-on-Shannon - at the end of our cruise

              Here's the only canal on the River Shannon - where dredging was not practical

We decided to end our cruise on the River Shannon one day early so we could see parts of Ireland that we would otherwise miss. Today was fine, however, with just a hint of a sprinkle and some sunshine in the afternoon. So we went through the last of the locks today and we're currently at the LeBoat base in Carrick-on-Shannon. 

                Downtown Carrick, note the all stone building, typical of many towns in Ireland 

The town here is typical of Ireland with many narrow streets but it's much more crowded. As we were walking around town to see the sights, a lady offered to take our group photo, typical of the friendly people in Ireland. One of the memories we'll take home are how friendly the Irish are to visitors. They've always been polite and eager to help. 

            Another stay at a free tie up, this time in Carrick-on-Shannon

We'll probably go to a pub tonight but we've all but given up on finding traditional Irish music. Per our experience so far, it's the same music we'd hear at any bar in the states (I know "Ring of Fire" by heart). We headed to the west coast in the morning and then north before returning to Dublin on Wednesday.