Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snorkeling at Scott's Head

The winds have finally calm down somewhat. We waited out this morning for the wave to subside and headed for the south end of the island, Scott's Head. It's the best snorkeling we've found so far on the island. When we arrived in the afternoon we found the protected area to be as calm as a lake, perfect snorkeling. There is a concrete bulkhead that provides a convenient place for donning and storing your gear and a large rock in the water for balance in putting on your fins and other snorkeling gear.

The area has a coral wall to the left as you head in and another coral bank in the middle of the bay. As before, we saw an excellent assortment of colorful sponges but not a lot of large fish. There were plenty of juveniles but not mature forms. I went around the end of the left wall but didn't see a whole lot and headed back along the shore. Along the way I ran into a turtle! I shot a movie of his graceful swimming, it's magical  seeing his swim so effortlessly and with such grace. Eels were out in abundance and we caught one out in the open (see photo).

However, we haven't seen an octopus yet, still looking for that one, maybe tomorrow.


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