Saturday, February 20, 2010

Market Day in Dominica

On Saturdays Dominica has open markets for fresh produce so we drove into town to take advantage of the shopping. Additionally, there was a cruise ship in town so the crowds were dense. However, the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables was a great attraction despite the crowds. Driving into town we had the usual tight spaces to squeeze through but even with all the traffic, we never saw an accident and everybody stopped for pedestrians to cross in front of them, a very polite people.

Ann and Liz bought bananas (still on the stalks), grapefruit, limes (they don't seem to have lemons for some reason, only limes), lettuce, avocados and more. It was a feast of fresh vegetables. Since the cruise ship was in, many vendors were out in full force with their wares. I bought a cap with Dominica on the front for $4.00, a good buy. 

Later we went out for a relaxing lunch, followed by a dip in the pool and a watch on the balcony for the sunset with rum punches, not a bad way to finish the day. I can really recommend Dominica.