Friday, February 19, 2010

First Snorkel at Dominica

The water out front looked pretty calm so we opted to snorkel right outside the condo this morning. There's a wooden pier about 100 feet down the beach that we're allowed to use so we headed that way late morning. Getting in the water was a challenge since the last step of the ladder was even with the water. We wound up walking along the rocky bottom, holding on to the pier and looking out for urchins, not good to step on!

Once in the water we found it very warm, the warmest we've even experienced in the Caribbean. I took a photo of the condo we're staying in with Ann in the foreground, the Titiwi Inn. It's right on the water but does back up to a very busy road with constant traffic. There is very little coral but we did see some interesting fish including two eels and several highhats. In all, it was a calm snorkel but lacking in coral. We'll try further down the island tomorrow.