Friday, February 26, 2010

Back to Scott's Head for Snorkeling

The best place we've found so far for snorkeling in Dominica is Scott's Head at the south end of the island so we took advantage of the calm seas to return this afternoon. As always, the entry is easy with a concrete wall for storing your duffel and a large rock for balancing while putting on your fins and snorkeling gear. The water is amazingly warm this time of year, no problem in getting chilled, even if in the water for 2 hours like today.

There is a wall to explore to the left that extends around the point and another coral wall that's located in the middle of the bay, both are fun to glide over. As usual I took lots of photos with only a very few posted to the blog. The area has an abundance of eels along with the usual assortment of tropical fish although they tend to be small compared to other places we've snorkeled like Bonaire, Grand Cayman and the BVI.

The turtle was back again, I guess he has a home in the bay. We also saw the same school of squid, quite large on average. Perhaps not all would enjoy two hours of snorkeling but we do like it. It's very peaceful and beautiful to watch the underwater life move by. We'll probably be back before we leave.