Tuesday, December 5, 2017

When Charts Lie - Part II

In the previous post, we looked at the "confusing area" just north of Beaufort, NC., but we left without showing the real buoy placement on a NOAA chart.  I used an updated Light List corrected through November 19, 2017. It shows the Lat/Long of each buoy that belongs to the Coast Guard so I can manually insert the buoys in their correct location right on the chart.

So without further fanfare:

One thing that jumps right out is the 2.0 ft depth shown on the chart just south of R30 if you take a direct path between R30 and R30A. But look then look below at the survey chart.

You can see that the 2.0 ft shallows are not really there, you've got to trust the buoys in this case although you don't want to hug the reds. Eventually, the charts will catch up but it can be nerve-racking if you haven't been through here before. It's what makes traveling the ICW so much fun.


Unknown said...

Thanks again Bob, Clears it up nicely, at least until they move 30a again! We we came through last month with one sailboat in front of us wandering off channel to the east, another was in the process of being stopped by the USCG for an inspection, missing the turn to Beaufort, and a tug and barge was heading towards us. We had to just stop and stare for a while, headed to Morehead City, as 30a made no sense.
From there we did a hop to Charleston outside, then another to St Augustine. Nice weather so not too bad to be out overnight. Stuck in N Palm Beach now for a bit with Genset issues.
Note for your next leg, at least for now Flagler Bridge is 15/45. Jupiter B has been having some maintenance issues, but likely cleared up by the time you arrive.
Greg Smith
M/V Privateer

Bob423 said...

Greg, glad to here about Flagker! Yes, going through that section is always exciting. No one chart had it right!