Friday, December 29, 2017

The Frozen Artic

Ann and I removed the Christmas decorations in 15-degree weather!
That's our poor rental car from Florida in the background. 
I can't believe I used to spend the winters up here. The temperature dropped below freezing on Christmas Day and hasn't been above 20 since. The lows are routinely at 0F and the coldest weather is yet to come with a forecast of -9F on Sunday. How did I ever stand such cold in the past? It seems like it was somebody else that ran in the morning with temps below zero. Going south in the winter has changed my tolerance for less than warm weather.

We'll start out Sunday with the temperature around -7F for our daughter's house in Pennsylvania where we'll pick up our grandson, Finn. We will be homeschooling him for about six weeks until his parents visit us in Key West. I keep an eye out on Key West where the temps have been in the high 70's so far. I moved our poor rental car into the garage to warm it up for packing on Saturday but it's still covered in ice from the last storm. Hopefully, I can chip at the ice enough to open the trunk and free the windshield wipers.

If all goes according to plan, we will arrive in Titusville Wednesday, late afternoon. Unfortunately, the cold front is supposed to even reach there by the end of the week. If that persists, then we may stay longer at Titusville waiting for warmer weather for the trip south.

Meanwhile, I've completed my first pass through the 13 nav apps and discovered there is not one best app. It all depends on what you want. I'll present some findings in my next blog.