Sunday, December 24, 2017

Well, Merry  Christmas to all! We had the grandkids do all the outside decorating as directed by Sarah who has an artistic bent. We had about an inch of snow, just enough to give the ground a white covering and make everything pretty.

Meanwhile, I made the first pass evaluation on all 13 navigation apps. Reading 13 manuals on 13  different ways to make a route was illuminating. You would think there would be some commonality, that they would gravitate towards the one, simplest way - the one most intuitive way.  No such luck. Every app seems to think they have the best way. It’s easy to recognize the older apps, they don’t take advantage of the newer features of recent iOS changes such as split screens or easier sharing of routes with the “open in” dialogue  (who writes these things?j. I have an obligation to be accurate, which I take seriously, so I’m double checking as best I can. Regardless, I’m sure I will offend somebody by not mentioning or being wrong on some pet capability - such is the reviewer’s lot.

I should be ready by next week, at least that’s my target. I’m still tending to a question and answer preface on features you are looking for in a navigation app and based on your input, I can then rate the apps relative to the features you consider the most important (the features you want, not the features I like the most).  That way, you can consider the best app to fit your needs, not mine.

So, enjoy the holidays. I’ll restart the blog officially on January 4th. There may be a few posts before that date, especially on app reviews.