Sunday, June 26, 2011

PYC - headed for Long Island Sound

We are once again on our boat. We have Matthew but also Sarah, his sister, for her first voyage without her parents. We're headed for four weeks on the Sound and will meet up with the rest of Matthew's family at Branford for the 4th of July. The amount of "stuff" we had to pack was much more than we anticipated. The photo was only of the last load in the van, there were many loads before that during the week.

I'm still battling my genset, trying to find the source of the restriction on the cooling water supply. In taking the electrical heat exchanger apart, I discovered a piece of glass blocking the port and a piece of hard rubber blocking the other port. Both were much bigger than the holes in the intake strainer. I have no idea where they came from, neither looked like impeller residue. In reassembling the exchanger, I noticed that the last nut of the four to be attached turned a little too easily. It seems the bolt came loose from the aluminum cooling block and now I need a new helixcoil, perhaps. I'm hoping that all the 5200 I used as a sealant will be enough to ensure a water tight connection, we'll see Tuesday morning. Otherwise, it will require taking the whole thing apart again, cleaning off the old 5200, putting in a new helixcoil on the one bolt and resealing a second time. Boating is such fun!