Thursday, June 30, 2011

Port Jefferson - At anchor

Been here awhle - notice the bird's nest on top!
The weather has just been phenomenal with temps in the 70's everyday and winds around 10 kts and no rain. We only had 20 miles to go today to reach Port Jefferson so we had a lazy morning. The anchor came up covered with thick mud, a byproduct of the excellent holding by Sand Island but it did require a lot of work with the washdown hose in the anchor locker.

We sailed out of the harbor but then the wind died as we turned the corner to head east and we motored the rest of the way, oh well. Port Jefferson was not as crowded as we expected and we found our favorite spot available with only short dinghy ride in for Hoolie relief.

Fleetwing in the distance - Hoolie relief beach at right
Tonight was Matthew's turn to prepare dinner (Nachos covered with chicken, salsa and various other ingredients) and now we about to sit down to watch the second installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, part II. Over the summer I installed a 32 inch LED LCD TV that runs 1080P picture resolution. The picture quality is fantastic and the size is just right for the main salon. The TV only draws 80 watts (due to the power savings LED lighting) and the DVD player only draws 15 watts. We run the system off the inverter using just the house batteries. Modern technology is wonderful.