Monday, June 27, 2011

Croton Point Anchorage

Beautiful beach for Hoolie
It was a beautiful day for traveling down the river with temps in the 70's and very little wind (at least it wasn't on the nose...) The river is full of debris, we spent a good amount of time just avoiding limbs, trunks, logs, etc. Even so I managed to nail a couple of small logs but no apparent damage was done.
We anchored on the north side of Croton Point and tonight it's as calm as a lake. Hoolie relief is a short ride to a deserted, sandy beach - everything we need for a restful anchorage. Meanwhile, I started up the genset and the repair I had made using ample amounts of 5200 on the cooling block did not leak! I was pretty happy about that until I measured the output of the cooling flow - it was only 7 liters/minute when it should be 10 to 12 - in short, no improvement! That was rather disappointing so I guess I'll go hunting again sometime when we do a layover. At least the genset is functional for now.

On Tuesday we're headed through Hell Gate and on to Manhasset to the free moorings (hopefully). The East River is always interesting (when it's now closed due to United Nations meetings).