Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Port Jefferson - We Reprovision

The weather has been just great: warm, sunny and no rain. So today we just took it easy, did some teak and after lunch headed into town to reprovision since our refrigeration is working again. We looked on the map and found a Stop and Shop about 1/2 mile from the end of Setautek Harbor which is the next harbor to the west of Port Jefferson harbor. There's a marina at the end as well as a pubic landing for dinghies. We chose the marina and bought a bag of ice as a dinghy fee. They brought out a sun umbrella for Ann! I went to find the Stop and Shop but ran into a meat market and a fish market first about 10 minutes into my walk down 25A (west). It was the first fish market I found that had fresh tuna so I bought a pound, I grilled it for dinner! Next door I stocked up on enough meat for a week. If nothing else, we'll eat well on our trip home! There was also a deli and a well stocked hardware store along the way. Much better shopping than in downtown Port Jefferson. Tomorrow we'll head for Northport and anchor, hoping for a good south wind!

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